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2020 Vision...A Dichotomy

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

2020 was a difficult one for all of us.

Clearly everyone has been affected in some way or another.

I try to keep perspective - it could be worse.

Regardless of the degree to which any of us has been impacted individually we are all stuck in fight or flight mode.

I was handling it all pretty well for most of the year - and then November hit.

In November the nonsense seemed to be cranked up another level - and it was compounded by events in my own life and business.

I retracted from it all.

I do my best to stay above it.

I do my best to create boundaries around the things that are important to me.

I do my best to protect my routine and keep my mindset clean and positive - but these past 60 days beat me down.

I realized that my vibe and my writing were becoming angrier - my disappointment in people skyrocketing and I didn't know how to hide it.

So I chose to hide myself instead.

Stepping out and isolating myself from it created a new anxiety that I’ve never experienced.

It’s like I’m trapped.

I’m standing back looking at it from above - I know what I see isn’t right - I know that I don’t plan on going with the flow - or the crowd...but I'm stuck.

I’m trapped because I want others to see it too.

I want others to want it too.

I want to save myself and take you with me.

So how do you navigate when the people you do it for become the ones who frustrate you the most?

What happens when the division becomes so pervasive that the anger gets pointed in every direction?

What do I do when my purpose and focus has been on helping people and building resources and opportunity for people…but people remain my biggest hurdle?



The dichotomy of life.



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