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3 Types of People - Which One Are You?

The average person is emotionally attached to their perceived identity.

They can’t imagine it any other way.

This is who I am.

This is how I do it.

They are stuck in all facets of their life.

So they suffer.

And in turn:

Relationships suffer.

Job and income suffer.

Problem solving suffers.

It points at everything in their life.

They cannot comprehend change.

"I don't need to change."

The business does.

They circumstances do.

The society does.

Whatever it's definitely not them.

As a collective we are fighting a changing identity and growth is being forced upon us.

For the first time in decades we don't have a choice.

We are being forced to participate in one way or another.

Our perspectives and tolerances are being challenged whether we like it or not.

Having managed people for years I can tell you that when change is pressed into an organization there are only 3 types of people.

1 - Those who run willingly into the new opportunity.

2 - Those who resist to the bitter end and most likely quit.

3 - Those who wait to see what everyone else will do.

So the real fight is always for the 3rd group...the ‘middle’ so to speak.

They must be engaged and encouraged.

They must hear the facts and see the vision.

They must be led by leaders with the courage to speak up with enough fortitude to face the resistance and have a backbone for what they believe is the right direction.

Focus & Fortitude


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