Adults Don't Get Offended

(This is a picture of me and my Dad. Mental toughness and perspective were 2 of the greatest gifts he ever gave me.)

Sorry if that title offended you.

Here it goes...

That comedian was really funny.

He had some really funny jokes.

Except for those ones that offended me.

That author is really thoughtful.

She made some really good points.

Except for those ones that offended me.

We all have unique experiences.

Our emotions are wrapped up in them.

We all have a unique perspective.

Our ego is very much wrapped up in it.

So when a generalization is made it feels like it's attacking us personally.

It's not.

Calm down.

Understand context.

Apply logic.

Respond accordingly.

Or not...

...but getting offended and causing a scene will get you nowhere but lonely and bitter.

Maybe lighten up a bit.

Love ya.

Focus & Fortitude


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