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America's Livelihood

This one is likely to piss half of you off.

Respectful discourse is welcome.

I know you follow this for my take on mindset but I have something else to get off my chest today.

I don’t intend to use this platform to vent or hammer my opinions on people regularly. But sometimes I’ve just got something to say and I can’t stay quiet on this one...

The current debate about opening the country is everything else the main stream media feeds us on a regular basis it's a fight for the opinions of the majority.

I don’t want to talk about the pandemic situation anymore after this. I’m tired of it. The more that comes out and the longer it goes the more it feels like something else completely.

I prefer to get back to healthy and positive mindset focused topics, but I feel that it’s important that we’re aware of how we process things like this as they happen to us.

There’s a fine line between being a well intentioned law-abiding citizen and someone who is passively implicit in allowing a corrupt scenario to attack your Liberty and Freedom.

I want you to understand that I take this seriously and that I know people are at risk. I would never minimize the death of anyone.

I'd also like you to know that I've been working, almost everyday, since this whole thing started. I've been in public every single day through this entire ordeal. I have not been watching it on TV...I'm been observing it in real life. Like it or not...the perspective is different out here.

There is a clear difference in opinion and attitude between those who have been watching it from the sidelines and those who have been creatively and actively been figuring out new and safer ways to be productive for the people who count on them.

So here we go...

For anyone against getting a fair majority of the population back to work I’d like you to remember that your job is called your LIVElihood for a reason.

It’s essential for YOUR life.

(See what I did there)

Your livelihood is essential.

Your life is essential.

You need to decide what happens next.

Going back to work doesn’t mean you don’t care about lives.

(If you believe this then you don't know me and there is an unsubscribe button on this email or an exit button on your web browser. If this is your simple headed response then we'll likely not see eye to eye on many of the topics I will write about in the's best you go now.)


It’s hard to accept a one size fits all solution to the problem.

One-size NEVER fits all.

If you’ll notice…a one-sized fits all hat is adjustable after all.

Locking down an at risk 75 year old retired person who doesn’t earn a living every day makes a lot of sense.

Locking down a healthy low-risk 35 year old who needs to earn money and provide for his family does not.

We are all at different phases in our lives and fortunately this thing doesn't appear to be attacking those of us who are in the most productive periods of our life.

Everyone has a unique circumstance.

We live in a country where we have the freedom and ability to make choices for ourselves. (At least we did before this)

We’ve always had to weigh the risk and rewards of our life choices…why is this different?

We should be given the opportunity to operate as adults.

To make decisions based on our own situations and take responsibility for ourselves.

Remember, I’m not suggesting we run outta the house and back to normal, that’s not my point.

I’m suggesting we have the ability to make the unique decision that is best for our unique situation.


This is where I get to hear you tell me about the asymptomatic carriers.

This argument is valid.

If the people going back to work are mingling with the people staying home your point is valid.

At this point it’s likely that the kiddos aren’t going to see Grandma and Grandpa for awhile anyway.

There is no denying that this sucks and this fact doesn’t change if we put the bulk of the productive earning workforce back to work.

The people most at risk are going to be quarantined for awhile longer, no arguments on that and I will never suggest this isn't 'real'.

The asymptomatic response is only relevant if that healthy 35 year old is going to visit the at risk 75 year old.

We should NOT open everything up.

But we must get most people back to work, today.

People at risk must remain out of harms way.

However, we cannot continue to treat everyone the same.

We are not the same.


Now you’ll tell me about how human life is more important than economics.

The truth is that you cannot separate the two.

As noted in the intro…it is not an accident that we call it our livelihood.

Observe anyone living in poverty and compare their health to someone who is prosperous.

Look at any 3rd world country and the health and life expectancy of their population.

Economics matter.

They lead to health.

Money pays for clean water and food.

Money pays for ventilators and PPE.

Money creates prosperity creates health.

It’s undeniable.


Now you’ll tell me that the government will take care of us while we wait.

If that's your default I'd suggest you peruse an economics book and understand where those dollar bills are coming from...and who is going to be holding the bill. (Sorry Jae).

The Shepard owns the slaughterhouse.

It’s a slippery slope.

Remember when you were a kid and dad would say ‘as long as you’re under my roof’???

The reason he had the power to say so was because he paid the bills.

The one who pays the bills controls the one who doesn’t.

The more you allow yourself to be taken care of the further captive you become.

This is always true, but seem especially clear that longer this persists.

Government help is not the answer you want.

If you’ll pay attention to World history you’ll understand that it’s NEVER the answer you want.


I conclude…

If you are uncomfortable going back to work during this time, stay home.

If you are in a high risk category, stay home.

If you like the fact that your unemployment pays better, stay home.

(An unemployment raise is short-sighted and you’re going to be fucked when you have to compete for a job in a more competitive labor pool with less jobs come July but that’s your choice and another blog entirely).

As living beings our death is inevitable.

So does that mean we should choose not to live?

Based on current logic we must immediately stop driving in cars and eating cholesterol.

We need to find a safe place to sit and hide....but wait...then a tree may fall on us.

But I digress...

My argument is that we quarantine the people who need it...not everyone.

You can’t argue that this is now about political leverage.

When the feds are paying states per death you can’t trust the numbers.

We’re incentivizing corruption.

Look at the states with the tightest rules, they're broke.

The news is not your friend.

The news wants you divided and on edge.

People in power want more control.

This is no good for the people.

The news never has your best interest in mind, but they're even more vicious during times like this. They are the anti-solution to the problems at hand.

I’ve thought and written about politics more in the last 2 weeks than I’d prefer…but it’s what’s happening now and it can’t be ignored.

This virus is certainly unfortunate...but the political leverage and opportunistic approach by many in power is both disgusting and scary on another level completely.

At some point it will be up to us to make sure it’s not crossing the line.


To turn this into a mindset post I’ll remind you that you still live in America.

One of the last places on earth that you have the power of choice.

Control your input.

Use your brain.

Be skeptical of what ‘they’ say.

Think for yourself.

Don’t be a sheep.

Wake up.

Stay home if you should.

Go to work if you must.

Be the responsible adult that you are.

Remember your governor is not your fucking mom or dad….and you aren’t grounded.

Focus, Fortitude & Freedom


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