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American Pride

Support America.

Support the Flag.

Without shame.

American is under attack.

But it’s still the greatest country on Earth,

and it’s not even close.

I support the Flag because it stands for Freedom,

and without Freedom there is nothing else.

Pick your head up out of the fog and look around the World.

We aren’t perfect but we have something that give us hope, something that many places don’t have…FREEDOM of choice.

Our biggest problems in America are self-inflicted.

But we’re free to solve them.

Everyone is trying to get HERE for a better life.

Nobody is running off to other countries in search of opportunities…because they are right here. If you disagree, then you're welcome to prove me wrong.

If you were born here, you can’t even comprehend how fortunate you are.

If you made it here, you’re one of the lucky ones, welcome aboard.

The opportunities we all seek as human beings are here in the United States of America.

Those opportunities start with FREEDOM.

The ability to have an opinion and say it out loud.

The chance to have a dream and chase it.

The reality of opportunity.


You can change your situation.

You can create the ripple that changes everything.

You are Free to do so.

Change is necessary.

Change is inevitable.

Eventually everything must change.

Except for one thing…FREEDOM.

Freedom must be protected at all costs.

For without it, we have nothing else.

Focus & Fortitude


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