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An Honest Thank You

Thank you for being here.

I don't take any of this lightly.

I want to be more light-hearted,

but life and reality can be heavy.

There is plenty of time for joy in my day.

I'm so fortunate for my family.

But this blog and these thoughts...

They make me feel a Responsibility.

Leadership, Ownership, and Mindset...

When taken seriously these things get heavy.

I want to thank you for joining the fight and reading the words.

I’m grateful for anyone willing to challenge themselves to be open-minded, to challenge their perspectives, and to think.

Calibrating yourself on a regular basis is a relentless and forever project.

It’s not for everyone.

Once you see the transformations that will enter your mindset and your view on the world around you then there will be no going back.

While this is certainly good news, it also means that you won’t be able to take it back…you won’t be able to go back to letting yourself off the hook.

You will be forever challenged to take responsibility for your actions and results.

You should feel good about your willingness to consider this path.

While it’s difficult…it’s worth it.

While it’s hard…it’s better than passively taking life as it comes and goes.


Now I want to take a minute and ask you a favor.

This is a side project for me and I put my ‘spare time’ and a few dollars into it because I think it’s important.

I’ve seen what mindset and intention can do first hand.

I’ve seen countless stories of amazing transformations and success in all facets of life that started with nothing more than a change of mind.

I’ve gone through it in my own life…and I continue to do so.

By no means have I made it, not even close, not even a little bit. But I’m on a different path now and I have the foundation of a changed mind to thank for it.

My goal is to share that gift with you.

I ask you to share it as well.

If you take any value from any single one of the writings I would be honored if you would please SHARE IT.

Send it via email.

Copy and paste the URL into a Facebook post.

Tell a friend about the blog.

Bring someone with you.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be more active at layering the blog ideas and content into the Calibrated Mindset Instagram page and into the Calibrated Mindset Facebook Group. I’ll be throwing out thoughts on my Twitter regularly and I hope you’ll join me in those forums. I hope you’ll join the discussion and share the message.

My hope is that eventually this transcends me and becomes you.

That the message becomes a movement and you take control of spreading the help and hope that comes from taking back control of your mind and your life.

This isn’t about me telling you what I know.

It’s about me sharing what I’m learning.

I simply ask you to do the same.

We can all make an impact on the circle around us.

Our influence spreads from one circle to the next through our networks and relationships. Our voices matter.

That is how you change minds and help people find a more fulfilling way of life.

If we all get better…the World gets better.

The World needs more positive influences.

It’s time to be one.

Much love and appreciation for your time and attention.

I don’t take it lightly.

Focus & Fortitude


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