Are You Judging Me?

You know that song you love?

The one you don't want anyone to know about?

I know you have one.

We all do.

That is your biggest challenge...

You care what 'they' think.

You don't need anyone's permission or approval.

Think about all of the things you enjoy and want for your life.

Everything that you are missing out on because you are scared of judgement.

Foolish right?

The player in the arena must not fear judgement of those who watch.

It's time to go.



I'm not interested in wasting time in judgement.

I won't disrespect your 'thing.'

I want the best for everyone.

But I can't create the best for everyone.

If I'm threatened or agitated by what you are doing,

or what you have to say,

then I recognize that it's calling out an insecurity in me.

Now I have a choice.

Be upset and defensive,

or make changes within myself.

Our reaction to the things and the people

that we encounter is feedback.

It's a constant opportunity to calibrate

and change, to shape and improve ourselves.

A sound mind and a happy life starts with awareness

and grows through change.

I'll never be perfect.

But I can always be better.

Focus & Fortitude.


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