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Are You Weak?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Who me?

Are you weak minded?

Do you realize that it's you that's causing all of your problems?

Did you know that if you would look at all of the the things that you get to do instead of all of the things you have to would change your energy?

Look at all of the amazing progress that's been made instead of focusing on all the things we have left to do.

Yes, the things still need to get done, but your energy and your attitude will provide you with a much better experience...and a much better life...if you would get your mind right.

I’m tired of the bullshit mentality that a growing number of people carry around with them these days.

I'm talking to the people that are always complaining and blaming someone else for their issues....all of their somehow they are just the unluckiest people on Earth.

All the people playing victim games because it's easier than taking accountability for themselves are just watering down real issues and real problems in our communities and around the World.

Fortunately, this problem makes up a small percentage of the population...unfortunately it's growing because we tolerate it...and it's beyond annoying.

It's creating a lack of leadership and a lack of common sense being executed within our conversations.

No one can lead because no one can follow.

No one can teach because no one wants to learn.

No one can help because no one wants solutions.

Now, all of our intentions are in question.

It's lunacy.

We cannot allow the false narratives of a few false claimers force the good among us to bend a knee to the nonsense.

We must choose to stand up and lead regardless.

Courage breeds courage.

I used to skip right over this issue because people that think like this

are a total waste of time.

They are beyond help because help is not what they seek.

I figured they'd eventually just go away.

Instead they get louder.

They don't want you to lift them up...

...they want to tear you down.

If you find yourself always the victim then you should know

that you will always be stuck.

You will always be at the mercy of someone else.

If your goal is to keep score on who has it the worst...

you are beyond repair.

You are in a race to the bottom

...and unlucky for you, you might just win.

I feel sorry for you...

not because of your situation

...but because of your perspective.

You are broken, because it is broken.

You life will only change once you've fixed your mind.

99% of us don’t work hard enough for the shit that we want

...and therefore we haven’t earned it.

That’s the only reason we are not where we want to be.

In EVERY facet of your life.

It's not that we are victim to some self perceived slight from some fabricated injustice.

We must stop pretending that the World is against us.

The World is not against you because the reality is that the World doesn’t give a shit about you.

Everyone else is worried about everyone else.

So you do something for you

…or not.

Focus & Fortitude


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