Beware of Routine

Most days it doesn't feel like you are on a mission.

It feels like you're at fucking work.

It feels like you're treading water and not getting anywhere.

It feels just like yesterday.

It looks a lot like tomorrow.

It's why we need to be strong in our resolve.

To stay connected to the vision we have set.

Remain focused and fortified on why we started in the first place.

Maybe it's going to take longer than you hoped.

Maybe it's not going to work at all.

But we must stay engaged and not allow the rut of routine rob our hope.

Routine is a double-edged sword.

It allows us the consistency we need to accomplish it all.

While robbing us of the creativity needed to adapt.

In the middle of 'one of those days,' we have to to sit with it.

We have to dig in to why we have certain emotions and energy levels.

Nothing is coincidence and we can affect it all.

If we care to stop and figure it out.

Why am I feeling this way?

What else can I be doing?

What can be improved or changed?

Where can I shift gears?

Where must I pivot completely?

By sitting in reality and reconnecting to the vision we zoom out far enough to see the entire picture. A view that we don't have with our heads down in the day to day grind.

There are always going to be things that need adjusting.

We must seek them out and become aware of them.

What they are and what they're doing to us?

...physically, emotionally, mentally.

The time and space to reflect is where we find the creative spark to seek where we go next...with new energy and excitement for the goals we have set and the changes that will help us move forward.

If you're feeling stuck.

Give yourself the space to see it all for what it really is.

Determine the proper adjustments.

Then put your head back down and get back to work.

Focus & Fortitude


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