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Boys to Men

As boys we seek approval of the parents, coaches, and teachers in our lives - it’s wired into us for acceptance and survival in our helpless state of childhood.

But then we find ourselves stuck, lacking the understanding needed to transition into the leadership role demanded of us by manhood.

We struggle to shed the need for that boyhood attention that we’ve forever depended on.  Finding ourselves working for the ego as opposed to the purpose.

Boys must walk through a right of passage by accepting their calling and destiny as protectors and providers.

We must not shirk this responsibility for the promise of comfort.

Nice and comfy is a trap.

It’s misery in the weeds, because in our souls, we know better.

We are wired for the challenge, the opportunity to carry the weight when it’s our turn.

This right of passage is learning to make the difficult choice.

Manhood is a mindset.

Understanding that everything is your responsibility.

It’s intentionally doing things that the others won’t.

It’s working diligently…

…on your mindset and fortitude.

…on your physical health and well-being.

…on your relationships and responsibilities.

…on your Faith and focus.

Manhood is being aware of the more challenging path and taking it anyway.

Improving despite the seemingly overwhelming challenges that are your burden to bear.

It’s becoming the foundation of your own life so that you can support the others.

Real Men are capable and willing by choice.

Rooted in faith and fortitude we thrive in the chaos.

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