Break the Cycle

I've touched on this before...but it's important enough for me to say it again.

Everything in your life operates in a cycle.

And it’s driven by momentum.

It’s difficult to move yourself out of one cycle and into another...but once you get momentum it will carry you forward.

The mistake many of us make is that we haven’t chosen our cycle and we feel trapped by our habits.

Days, months and years of passive neglect often finds us in a slow slide to place we never intended on going.

Personally, I've been in great physical shape many times in my life.

And then I let it go.

Now I'm in the process of starting over and I've got no momentum.

Every workout is hard and it feels like shit.

I can't help but imagine where I might be if I didn't have to start over....again.

This goes for all areas in our life.

At some point you were in shape...until you let it slide.

At some point your relationship with someone you care about was on point...and then you let it slide.

At some point your bank account was healthy and your spending and earning was under control...until you let it slide.

The challenge that we face is that we all get to a point in which we feel like we've made it...and then we let it slide.

We find ourselves where we'd like to be with the things that matter to us....and then we take our foot off the gas.

This is where the momentum stops and the slide towards a negative cycle shows up.

I'm going to be better for myself.

I'm going to be deliberate about the cycles I find myself in.

I'm going to stop starting over.

I'm going to thank myself later.

I hope you will too.

Focus & Fortitude


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