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Calibrated Clarity. Should you be here?

I want to take a minute to clarify my objective with this project and define who this is for. This entire project is rooted in my belief that everything is driven by mindset and how we think.

This is a brain dump of all the things that I think about on a regular basis. I need to put it somewhere which means that sometimes the topics will be simply mindset related. Sometimes they'll be about the x's and o's of business. Maybe I'm in the mood to talk about the challenges and grit that come from raising a family or being a partner for my wife. Sometimes I'll vent about how you people frustrate me and I'm likely to give you my opinion about the current state of society. I may get political from time to time and my goal will always be to challenge your thought process as I challenge my own.

I have conviction and I think I'm right...but I know I'm not. I understand that I have a lot to learn and it will never stop. I'm open to discussion and I'm happy when something triggers a response from you. I welcome discourse and I'm worried that we've lost the ability to disagree with each other in the outrage society we live with today.

This project is me having the courage to take the thoughts that rattle around in my head and throw them into public. It's risky and most of us are afraid to deal with the responses. I'm choosing to lead because I think too many people with thoughtful things to say are remaining quiet while the 'outrage' gets all of the attention.

I'm here to pull us out of the utopia and wishful thinking narratives that have softened us. I'm here to punch you in the brain and get that fucker to consider some alternatives. Thank you for giving this movement a shot. I hope it brings you some value.


The foundation of a Calibrated Mindset is REALITY.

It means that we start by becoming Calibrated to Reality.

Who is this project for?

A Calibrated Mindset is for those who want more.

For those tired of the status quo, take what I’m given lifestyle they’re accustomed to.

It’s for those willing to open up their perspective and understand that leadership takes ownership of the results in their lives and we utilize a stronger mindset to do something about it.

We operate by calibrating our minds to reality so that we may create an awareness that allows the adaptation necessary for forward progress in all aspects of life.

Through this process we create a focus and fortitude that allows us to grow towards our potential for as long we we are here.

We do not share the same potential,

but we do share the ability to fulfill our own.

If this sounds like something you can get onboard with, then welcome.

If it sounds like work and you are happy where you are at in life, then I wish you the best….you don’t want to open this box because there is no going back.



reality. awareness. adaptation. focus. fortitude.


A willingness to stand up.

At home as a parent.

At work as an employee, a boss, or an owner.

In the community as a member of society.

In life as example for the next generation.

Leadership is not a title, it’s action.

Leaders are guided by their core values and beliefs. They are open-minded, engaged, thoughtful and forward thinking. Leaders are strong in the face of opposition. They use action to prove their point. Leaders speak up when necessary.

Leaders are not passive. They do not lower expectations based on the emotion of the moment. Leaders do not allow themselves to be distracted from their mission. They are flexible enough to adjust course but they never stop moving forward. They have a line in the sand.

Leaders Lead.


A realization that this is your life.

The ONE and only LIFE you have to live.

Taking ownership means understanding that the expectations that you follow have been imposed on you by someone else’s thoughts and beliefs. Until now.

You don’t have to follow them.

Taking 100% ownership of your life means understanding your results are the sum of the decisions and actions you’ve made until now.

It means opening your brain and thinking for yourself instead of mindlessly eating what you are fed. It means taking care of yourself so that you can take care of those who count on you.

Being dependent on anyone or anything else means that you are captive. Passing the responsibility of your results to others means that they now own your results and therefore they own you.

We are not meant to live this way, this is why so many of us are unhappy…like lions in the zoo.


Belief in self and purpose.

The driver of everything.

We all have a potential that’s impossible to fulfill. Impossible because it grows as you do.

It’s a moving target.

That should excite you.

Everything starts in the mind.

All of it.


Your mindset is the single most important thing in your possession. You have to control it for it determines everything else.

Most people don’t allow themselves to dream the dreams that create the beliefs that lead to the actions that get them there.


Taking OWNERSHIP of your life and forging a MINDSET that allows you to step up in LEADERSHIP requires a foundation rooted in reality, an awareness that provides constant adaptation and the focus and fortitude to see it through.

reality - the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them

awareness - knowledge or perception of a situation or fact

adaptation - the process of change by which a species becomes better suited to its environment

focus - an act of concentrating interest or activity on something

fortitude - courage in pain or adversity

Focus & Fortitude



I want to hear from you.

I'm most active on Instagram @lincbigelow so pop over and give me a follow and let's chat.

I've created a Calibrated Mindset Facebook Group so we can have open dialog about the topics that matter.

I run my mouth on Twitter @lincbigelow from time to time if that's more your style.

Or you can simply shoot me an e-mail to if you want to criticize or support me privately!

I'm humbled that you're here and I appreciate you all.

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