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Children Need Their Problems Solved

Calibrate yourself to the reality that you are not a child.

So don't act like one.

My son is 4.

When he hears “No” he loses his fucking mind.

He cannot and will not accept any reality that is not

the reality that he wishes were true in the moment.

He’s not interested in conversation.

He’s incapable of rationale.

He’s emotionally unstable.

He wants the problem to go away.

For it to be solved for him.


He’ll scream and cry until it’s fixed.

He’s soft and weak minded.

But that’s okay.....because he’s 4.

Our biggest problem as a society is that WE ARE SOFT.

It’s not okay.....because we are not 4.

Many of us have lost the ability to sit in any type of discomfort.

Unable to see past our own emotional feelings and how we want it to be.

Incapable of accepting it for what it actually is.

Never able to grasp reality long enough to accept the tough choices and actions necessary to move in a new direction.

It’s scary to take responsibility and accept change.

So we’d rather someone else take care of it for us.

Solve it for us and simply tell us what to do next.

We'll follow.

This is why we want everything to change from the top down.

It’s why we continue to allow ‘leaders’ to tempt us with hollow promises.

Sweeping changes and overhauling everything in an attempt to create a more comfortable situation…immediately...without sacrifice or effort on our part.

We'll watch.

The reality is that we seek comfort while we hope for ideal scenarios to play out.

But comfort is at odds with ideal.

Comfort creates soft and passive.

While ideal situations are created by hard work and perseverance.

They are no accident.

Nothing great has ever been achieved or maintained by anyone soft or passive while they remained comfortable and undisturbed.

We have reached a point in American society where it’s been comfortable for too long.

Our perspectives are out of whack.

We should take a real look around the world before we completely dismantle everything that we stand for here in the United States of America.

We can spend our time discussing as many problems as we want.

We can hope that someone we ‘choose’ will come along and simply fix them all for us so we can go on living in the comfort.

Undisturbed enough to actually do anything ourselves.

Or we can take a look in the mirror and realize that we will always have more to learn, more to give, and a better example to set.

We always have a role to play.

It’s not about the things we say or the shit that we hope.

It’s about what we do.

The things that we build.

The people that we impact.

The example that we set.

We must move past this bullshit outrage society that is basically a toddler throwing a temper tantrum every time something does not go our way.

Otherwise, we can never hope to create the rational, problem-solving thoughts that we need to move forward in our relationships and in our society.

We can never hope to move forward and grow if we don’t allow ourselves to take responsibility for reality.

So instead of continuing to fight and yell and scream at each other through this orchestrated division maybe it’s finally time that we wake the fuck up and start to solve these problems for ourselves….for each other.

Maybe if we'd stop reacting and shut up for 12 minutes we'd realize that it's not as bad as we're being told...and perhaps we're being played against each other for reasons that are not obvious to us.

Maybe if we don't simply eat the words off of the television and we look around ourselves and our actual environment we'll see a different picture of reality.

Maybe if we quiet down and listen up we could understand that it's actually not us against each other...but us against them.

'Them' being the ones with the agenda.

'Them' being the ones telling us why we're mad.

'Them' being the ones looking for a vote.

Perhaps the ones for whom we are passively sitting around and waiting to solve our problems are actually the ones perpetuating them onto to us in the first place.


So maybe stop looking to them so that they can no longer control us and our emotional relationships with ourselves and each other.

Fix your relationship with yourself.

The one inside your own fucking brain.

Be accountable to you first.

Then we take the credibility created from that experience and apply it to fixing the relationships with our own friends and family so that we can then move our impact into our communities and beyond.

Stop being the child.

Stop watching and hoping it’s going to be fixed.

Stop hoping that crying louder will make it go away faster.

Start controlling your emotions.

Start paying attention.

Start asking real questions.

Start seeking actual solutions.

Start solving real problems.

Then watch how it all changes from the bottom up…never from the top down.

Focus & Fortitude


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