Compromise is Compromising You

Priorities dictate schedule.

Schedule dictates action.

Compromise with yourself at the time of execution is where we all fail consistently.

We planned to do it but now we don't feel like it so we don't.

The real shame is that we think it's no big deal because we'll just do it tomorrow.

But lack of action and poor habits completely erodes our lives in the smallest of increments without notice.

"It's just one beer" and "I'll start Monday" have hijacked more hopes and dreams than any of the outside forces you've made up in your head.

The fix is simple.


Not easy, simple.

There is a GAP between where you are and where you want to be.

Your job is to determine the actions you need to take to close the gap.

That’s what matters.

Identify what's important to YOU.

(Not what's important to your Dad or the neighbor.)

Use mentors to gain insights...but understand that no one is giving you the plan that works for YOU...that’s yours to solve.

The sooner you accept the fact that you have to figure what works for YOU…the faster you’ll find it.

Then go to work and CREATE the belief in yourself by consistently doing what you said you will….and not doing things you said you won’t.

Focus + Fortitude


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