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Consider The Source

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Look at the sources of criticism in your life.

Or in most cases the perceived critics, because let’s face it, nobody really gives that much of a shit about what you’re up to beyond how it impacts them….we are all egocentric and we must discern our reality from actual reality.

But seriously, look at the credibility of the people who are the most critical of you.

Winners don’t criticize you for trying new things, taking on big goals, or putting yourself out there.

Only losers do that.

Beginners look foolish 100% of the time...who cares?...losers do.

Winners understand that 100% of the best people in any endeavor looked like foolish beginners at the beginning.

So if you’re a winner at heart...please don’t let the losers and their loser comments keep you from doing what your heart is asking you to do or from trying new things.

And if you’re a loser...please take the painful look inside yourself and address whatever is going on in there. I truly hope you solve it and I wish you peace.

The sooner you address it and the sooner you stop polluting the world around you with your bullshit you’ll start to welcome some wins into your own life.

The clock is ticking and the hole in the ground is coming for us one day at a your thing unapologetically and with a smile on your face....the losers might not believe in you....but I do.



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