Cut the Sh*t

I miss my friends.

I miss taking my kid to the grocery store.

I miss hearing laughter and having light-hearted conversations about shit that isn't so heavy.

I miss hope.

I refuse to treat people in such a way that I'm ashamed of myself when this is all said and done.

I don't care how scared you are, it doesn't give you a pass to disconnect your logical brain and simply operate as an emotional psychopath.

Get it together.

Maybe if you did you could see that new information is presenting itself everyday.

But, if you are trying to live scared, angry and miserable please feel free to leave me out of it from this point forward.

While you are busy being nasty I will just be over here living the old know, from that time when we used to smile at people and say hello.

I'm going back to being hopeful that everyone has what they need to cope with whatever it is they're dealing all facets of life!

I'm going back to understanding that everyone has a lot of shit on their plate...that has nothing to do with these politics or this pandemic.

I'd rather be dead than live this bullshit corrupt narrative any longer...I'm done playing this game.

If you're looking for me I'll be growing my mindset, my health, my family, my relationships and my business in spite of all the bullshit.

I'll be smiling and laughing and living...energized by opportunity and hope and for brighter days ahead.

I suggest you do the same.

Focus & Fortitude


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