Deer in headlights

Photo by Anthony Roberts on Unsplash

Many are quick to play victim in the face of circumstance.

Feeling that it absolves them of the responsibility.

Without realizing that it also prevents the solution.

The ‘head in the sand’ strategy accelerates how bad it gets...

and how quickly it gets there.

It’s like the predator vs prey.

A lion may pause momentarily - assessing the situation - before springing into action and going on the attack.

While a deer in headlights is paralyzed in fear - only to react when it’s too late - becoming victim in the moments before actually becoming victim.

We must avoid the choice to be victim.

We must avoid sitting in the seat of self-pity for too long.

Yes sometimes things argument there.

Yes sometimes we are victim.

But how long do we sit in the seat and when is it actually justified?

Pause-Reflect-Assess....but then go.

We must get to living aggressively with the little time we have.

For if we sit paralyzed in our victimhood we will never know anything else.



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