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Divided We Fall

I wrote this one at the end of April.

We hadn't started rioting yet.

Some of it has outdated that quickly.

Some of it’s more pertinent now than it was then.


Calibrate yourself to the reality that Divided We Fall.

Regardless of which ‘side’ you land on I hope you’re at least able to stand back and see what’s happening around you.

The masks are not the first thing we’ve been divided on…they’re just the current thing we’re fighting about.







Organic food.

Environmental protection.

How to raise our kids.

How to run a business.

Whether or not white pants are appropriate after Labor Day.

‘They’ know we love to be right.

‘They’ use it against us everyday.

‘They’ know our buttons.

‘They’ use it against us everyday.

‘They’ know the emotional responses that humans have in regards to their safety and security and ‘they’ go hard at using it to drive their agendas.

It’s Marketing 101.

Hero and savior shit.

Obviously I’ve got my opinions on everything just like you do.

That’s not what this is about.

The truth is that I don’t care about your stance because it really doesn’t effect me.

Don’t let ‘them’ tell you that it does.

The truth of the matter is that if YOU are doing everything that YOU believe to be right.

If YOU are protecting YOURSELF.

If YOU are comfortable in YOUR approach and belief on everything…

Then I don’t matter.

Don’t be offended that they are marketing to you.

Don’t be offended that they are manipulating you.

Be strong enough to be unaffected by it.

We’ll never agree on everything.

But we must respect each other.

We can be divided in opinion, yet united in respect for the fact that we live in a place that allows us to act according to our own code of conduct.

We’re allowed to operate how we see fit based on the information and perspectives that we carry.

And we’re allowed to change our minds whenever our information or abilities change.

(I mean, the CDC guidance can change weekly…so why can’t we?)

At some point the adults are going to need to take over the situation again.

Emotions can not drive all of the decisions.

We must begin operating in reality.

Yes things are fucked up.

But the reasons they are an absolute mess are not the reasons they show you on TV.

Do some homework.

Open your eyes and ears.

Ask some more questions.

Remember what makes this country the best on Earth regardless of our flaws.

Focus & Fortitude


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