Don't Lose Hope

I just want everyone to know that I care and that I’m hopeful.

Sometimes it feels like I’m shining a light into the darkness.

I just hope it helps.

We are all facing a power struggle with our own egos.

Our identities are screaming at us.

The information is dirty and it’s causing us much confusion and distain

…it’s not healthy and I wish you the best in fighting it.

I hope that you’re able to stay above it.

Protect your mind and those that you care about.

Stay hopeful and positive.

Don’t let them take your light…your hope.

I feel like our collective is going through a process right now

...and that’s why there is so much pain.

People hate change

...and everything as we know it is changing.

No one can escape it.

Time Will Tell.

Focus & Fortitude….and most of all LOVE.


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