Doubt is an evil bitch

Doubt is an evil bitch.

Faith is the answer to your prayers, hopes, and dreams.

Every time you consider something new or different for your life you are faced with doubt.

It shows up to explain why it won't go as planned.

It's trying to protect you from yourself, but instead it's preventing you from having everything you want for your life.

Don't be wishful.

Focus on what you desire with clarity and plan how to get it.

Stay focused on it with daily reminders you need to create relentless action.

Take these actions with such aggression that it squashes the bitch voice trying to reason with you.

Decide what you want.

Plan to get it.

Create faith in yourself through action.

Relentlessly live towards the life you see for yourself.

Doubt will ask, why you?

Faith will ask, why not you?

Focus + Fortitude


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