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Emotional Decisions

I’m really only interested in being open-minded to information.

I'm not interested in being emotional about it.

Skeptical and critical of EVERYTHING.

Reading past the headline.

Digging on things that don’t feel right.

I always want to be able to adjust my behavior based on what information is available right now so that I make the best choices for myself, my family, and those that count on me.

I always want to take pride in my ability to ‘do the math’ and recognize situations beyond the surface.

The entire journey is so fluid…which puts it in total conflict with the rigid and lazy mindset that most people apply to life.

How do we detach our adopted identities from the facts and figures?

How do we remove the emotions from our decision making process?

How do we resist the fear?

How do we stay clear headed?

How do we remain calm?

How can we operate so that regardless of whether or not we are ‘right’ in this moment we can always be proud of ourselves for our behavior and how it aligns with who we are…and who we want to be?

Do you have the ability to recognize when you're trying to make the information 'fit'?

Do you have the ability to change based on new information?

Or are your emotions driving?

To me…it involves stepping back from the crowd, ignoring the noise, and having the fortitude to make decisions independent of my own emotions and the outside pressure from others.

You will never find me going with the flow.

Easier said that done.

Practice required.

We need more leaders and less followers.

The World needs more positive influences.

Be One.

Focus & Fortitude


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