Emotions are high

It's strange to admit this...but my workouts have been making me cry lately.

Not all of them, but some of them are pulling out these deeper emotions and frustrations and creating an aggressive belief that it's necessary for me to keep getting as strong as possible both mentally and physically.

I've been working out since I was a kid, but there is something about the struggle and my perception of it that has shifted.

A tough workout is a microcosm of the bigger fight.

Sometimes the intensity of the workout and the music in my headphones paired with the thoughts of the total bullshit taking place around the World is literally bringing me to my knees in tears.

It's fucked up and beautiful to me at the same time.

It brings me to life.

Through the struggle and the tears I find the resolve and strength to know that I will fight through anything.

This is where I find my grit and confidence.

It's where I find my 'fuck you, stop me'.

Focus + Fortitude


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