It's easy to overcomplicate it.

It's a mechanism we all use to let ourselves off the hook.

We claim ignorance and take comfort that someone else

just knows some shit that we don't...

...that's why they're winning at something we're not.

And maybe they do...but they had to fucking learn it somewhere.

It's more simple than we want to believe.

Not easy.


We think we always need to do more and be more of everything.

When all we really need to be more of is FOCUSED.

When we remove all the bullshit the only thing left is the work.

That's why we complicate it.

We are scared of the real work.

The work on ourselves.

The work on our relationships.

The work on our craft and skills.

We inherently know that the work is relentless... we grow it asks for more.

What if we just took focused effort and stacked days together for long enough?

Could we all win?

I encourage you to look at your days and weeks and find all the 'extra' shit that's adding complications and drama to your life.

All of those things that steal your energy.

Energy better used on things that actually matter to you.

Where would we be if we prioritized, simplified, and focused?



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