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for our children

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Our children need us to return to our rightful place in their lives.

The place of leadership.

They need us to stop failing them through weakness and unwillingness.

Good-hearted parents have been led astray by their virtue

and idealistic wishes for a softer world.

For decades these soft-hearted ideologies have diminished our ability to provide the leadership our children so desperately need from the adults in their lives.

Real leaders operate in reality.

They do not succumb to fantasy because emotion has no place in the decision.

They don't waste time arguing on behalf of fantasy.

We often forget that children come into this world knowing nothing.

There are many times I find myself wondering in frustration...

"Why are they doing that?"

"Why don't they get it?"

"Don't they know better?"


They don't.

They know nothing that we haven't taught them.

We have reached a point in which our children's opportunity for growth is being stunted and confused by weak leadership at mass scale.

The result of 'adults' who have spent their entire lives taking the easier path and living in a fantasy land of emotional fuckery because they think it's more comfortable to be naive...

until it's not.

I don't know about you but I do know about me.

I know that it's my turn.

It's my time to lead by example.

I promise my children that I will not be deterred or polluted by the pervasive weakness that

strangles our society.

I will boldly lead from a place of conviction because the answers are final.

They are written.

Good will win.

God will win.

So the real question that remains is how will you choose to participate?


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