In America....we are free.

Except when they tell you...

Who you hate.

Who is right.

Who can open.

Who you can see.

Who you can hug.

What is true.

What you have to wear.

What you can do.

Where you can go.

When we can go back to normal.

How we behave.

Don't like it?

They will fine you.

Take away your business license.

Turn off your utilities.

Take away your children.

Arrest you.

It is time to plug logic back into your brain.

We are at a point in our history where passive is not one of the choices.

You are either for America or you are against her.

Your choices will either propel us forward with hope for a better future...or you will be implicit in the downfall of everything we hold in our hearts and our history as the United States of America.

What if something bigger is going on?

Can you see it? Are you connecting the dots?

What if the people making your rules were bad people with bad intentions?

What if I'm not the crazy one...what if it's you?

Will you be proud of your ability to rise above the noise and think for yourself?

Or will you look back with regret at how you behaved during the election year that was 2020?

Think about it.

Stay Free.

In your mind and in your actions.

Focus & Fortitude


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