Good boys or strong men?

I've only been Dad for six years.

It's humbling in ways I could never have imagined.

It's a feeling that it all rests on my shoulders...

yet I can't do it alone.

I realize that my children are going to be influenced by many in their lives.

Some I'll be thankful for.

Others will challenge me to my core.

I don't know how the journey plays out.

We don't play this game with the fortune of hindsight.

But I do know that shielding and coddling them from

challenge will handicap them forever.

I do know that winning and losing when it's fun will forge

them for winning and losing when it counts.

I do know that I can't do it for them...

or feel it for them.

I also know that they need strong leaders to influence

them beyond my example.

That if I put them in the right rooms with the right community around them

that we can support their resiliency to the absolute lunacy that exists in our world.

I'm not interested in raising 'good boys and girls.'

I'm raising strong men and women.

I'm thankful for perspective and grateful for the strong leaders

I'm finding in the journey.



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