Grow Into Your Blessings

Everything we seek in life comes with a new set of challenges.

We start alone.

Our challenge is to learn how to survive.

We are blessed with new friends.

Our challenge is to learn how to relate.

We are blessed with a spouse.

Our challenge is to learn how to share.

We blessed with children.

Our challenge is to learn our purpose.

We all carry a wish list for our lives.

Friends, family, health, business...

...and we always want more.

Yet each addition brings a new level of challenge...

...and these levels require us to become new people.

So the actual beauty of attaining what you want is in your ability to grow through the challenges imposed by all of the wonderful relationships and events that we experience.

So next time you are feeling the pressure of being Dad...

...remember that at one point your child only existed on your wish list.

Those wish list items come with challenges.

It's what we sign up for.

So instead of being stressed and annoyed... grateful and present.

Grow into your blessings in preparation for future blessings.



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