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grow into your blessing

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Everything we want from life brings us another level of challenge.

Blessed with life.

Your challenge is to learn how to survive.

Blessed with friends.

Your challenge is to learn how to share.

Blessed with a spouse.

Your challenge is to learn how to co-create.

Blessed with children.

Your challenge is to learn how to teach.

You carry a wish list for life.

You want friends, family, health, business.

These are all beautiful blessings.

Each addition brings a new level of challenge and these levels need us to become new people.

The real beauty of attaining what you want is in your ability to grow into what comes next.

When you feel the pressure of being Dad remember that at one point your children only existed on your wish list.

Those wish list items come with challenges.

It's what we sign up for.

Remember, you are not stressed but you are blessed.

Remain grateful and present in the journey.

Grow into your blessings in preparation for future blessings.



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