Restless at night?

Anxious in general?

Looking for ways to distract yourself?

Looking for things to explain it?

Most of us think that discipline opposes freedom.

Our goal is to just do whatever we feel like doing in the moment…

this is the freedom we want.

But what if we have it backwards?

What if discipline and structure is what frees your mind?

Not obsessive to the minute planning that turns into cramming way too much busy bullshit into your days and weeks or driving yourself towards inevitable burnout…but a simple framework to get the most important things completed everyday.

A way to create positive momentum cycles into your life.

What if you consistently completed the things that you told yourself that you needed to do every day?

Would that remove those restless and anxious feelings from your mind and replace them with the confidence of a mind at ease?

By seeking the freedom of the moment to do whatever we feel on a whim we give up control of the focus and energy that we need to accomplish all of the things that we want.

Want it.

Plan it.

Do it.


It’s like this…

I plan on getting up early on Wednesday and doing a workout and some self reflection.

Then I can attack my Wednesday with the energy I need to accomplish

everything I want to do.

When I do this…I’ll feel good about it.

Tuesday night arrives and I decide on a whim to have a couple of beers

and watch a game on TV.

It’s been a long day, the kids are finally in bed and I’m free to do as I please.

Do I recognize the self sabotage that is about to unfold?

Do I see the cycle of energy that this pulls me into?

My energy is being taken from me by my choice to step out my discipline.

I may not want to admit it, but I know it’s true.

I will try and tell myself I deserve it, but I know better.

So now I’m restless and I sleep like shit.

So then I sleep in and skip the self care.

This diminishes my energy and confidence and it rolls on to impact my entire Wednesday.

I punt my plans to accomplish the things I want to accomplish and I simply settle for doing whatever I have the energy for.

I do what I feel like doing all day Wednesday with the intentions of getting it back on track tomorrow.

But the cycle has me stuck.

Sound familiar?

The problem is not when we do this occasionally.

We do need time and space to 'chill.'

The danger is when this cycle becomes our default operating procedure.

It’s why so many are stuck.

The lack of energy and the loss of confidence that results from operating this way is pervasive and it impacts our lives in ways we don't even recognize.


So how do we stop the self sabotage?

We stop waiting to get it back on track later.

We get up NOW and force ourselves into the right cycle of energy.

We feel like shit but we don’t give in to the delayed gratification of having one more drink and hoping to have a better day tomorrow.

We find the discipline to get something accomplished and create momentum NOW.

We force the action to put us into a cycle that will guarantee that we have a better day tomorrow.

Literally cut the shit right now while you read this.

Think about that thing that you know you need to do right now….and get up and DO IT.

That excuse you just gave yourself is bullshit.

There is always next Monday, next month, and next year.

Until there is not.

We all know better.

We all know we are full of shit.

It's why so many of us lack the energy and the confidence we wish for ourselves.

Do the shit you know you need to do and then let the positive momentum take over.

If the negative cycle will keep you perpetually unhappy and unsatisfied then just imagine what the momentum of a positive cycle will do for your life and accomplishments.

Energy, confidence and mental freedom are found in the cycles created by your discipline and focus. Get some.



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