Head Down and Go

Let me preface this message with something that should be obvious.

You should pay attention to what’s going on in the world so that you may react and protect yourself and your family as necessary.

This message is not a suggestion to be passive or naive or uniformed.

Who is the President?

What did he say today?

Where is the coronavirus?

When is it going to come knocking?

What’s the forecast?

Will it be a shitty day?

Who won the game last night?

Where is my team in the standings?

What’s with Janet on that show I watch?

Will her and Randy solve their woes?

Do you see it?

Can you see the trap that so many fall into?

We spend all of our time and energy ‘out there.’

While we claim that we don’t have time.

We have no time for the things we need.

We have nothing left for ourselves.

Nothing left but excuses.

We let the World rob us of our times and energy.

You focus out there,

but it gets fixed in here.

Focus & Fortitude.


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