How to create a Calibrated Mindset

Our biggest problem is that we're not deliberate.

We don’t think we can effect "it".

Truthfully, we've never even thought about it.


I spent the first 30 years of my life on auto pilot.

Things happened for all of the same reasons they happen now.

Because things are simply the result of our actions.

I wasn’t thoughtful or paying attention,

so everything felt random.

It wasn't.


Now I'm deliberate and intentional.

I spend more time thinking.

I take consistent and thoughtful action.

It feels better this way.


So what changed?

I punted balanced for calibrated.

I used to think about life in balance.

Balance is bullshit.

It's not possible.

It's the excuse that lets us off hook.

Seeking balance means we half ass everything we do,

putting us into a perpetual place of mediocre.

When we never fully give ourselves to anything,

we are not our best in any facet.

We must be 100% into the current moment.

What you're doing right now is the only thing that you can affect.


Everything changed when I stopped living balanced

and started living calibrated.

Life is not a scale to be balanced each day,

it's an instrument to be tuned.

Forever calibrated.

You decide the instrument,

and you decide the tune.

No one can decide this for you,

and you can't fake it.

Don't let your mom, your friends, your teachers,

or anyone decide what's important to you.

WARNING: If you fuck this part up,

the rest of the process is irrelevant.

We are frustrated when we bullshit ourselves.

We know better.

We know the truth.

So determine what matters to you.

What do you want?

What are the 3-4 parts of your life that matter the most?

These are what you tune.


Be honest.

What are they?

Are any of them in tune?

Where do you want them to be?

Where are they right now?

They need your attention.

Constantly, but not at the same time.

What needs me the most right now?

Go there, work on that.

Understand that while you're at work on one aspect,

the others are always falling ‘out of tune’.

This is why we calibrate.

Circle back to whatever you need most.

Determine where you are,

where you want to be,

and how you are going to get there.

Plan it.

Execute the plan.

Take comfort knowing that it’s all a process.

It’s never done.

Balance is bullshit and that's okay.

This process will let you live in the moment.

Allowing you to work where you are.

Knowing the rest will be there when you get to it.


So how do you execute?

You find time everyday to pause and reflect.

You sit down with a pen and paper and let it out.

Don't ignore those voices.

Your mind will tell you what you want,

and where you are needed.

If you're honest.

Where do I stand on the things that matter?

Where is the pain?

What am I anxious about?

What's lacking?

What can I be doing better?

Why am I slipping?

What's the answer?

How do I fix it?

Take time everyday to think about what you think about.

Use this feedback to calibrate your mindset and your actions.

Work towards everything that's important to you.

Do this long enough and you'll completely transform yourself.

You'll create the life you want.

It will have all started in the space between your ears that you've taken for granted...until now.

Live calibrated.

Focus & Fortitude.


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