I Can't Talk to You

Most - if not all - of our difficulties in life and business come from miscommunication.

Or lack thereof.

As humans we have this weird habit of jumping to a conclusion or making an assumption.

The problem with this is that we do it through our own perspective with little consideration for the other person or their experiences.

We are slow to give others the benefit of the doubt,

while quick to take a pass based on our own intentions.

To solve these issues is simple,

though not easy.

If you have something to say...

Communicate clearly.

State your intentions.

Express your confusion.

Explain your feelings.

Do so unemotionally.

If you have something to hear...



If 2 people in a debate, conversation, sales scenario, or any other relationship are able to be unemotionally clear and transparent with each other then we have hope to eradicate the frustration.

It does not mean that we'll agree on a favorable outcome.

But hopefully we're better able to move ahead with empathy for the other side.

Focus & Fortitude


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