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I Can't Wait 'Til This is Done

Nothing will ever be done.

The 'To Do List' never gets completed.

In fact - it's going to sit there, unfinished, after you're dead.

This doesn't mean that you neglect it.

This is not excuse to be lazy.

It simply means that we must be at ease with having things up in the air, unfinished or even in chaos at times.

Life is not a settled experience.

Especially if you hope to actually accomplish anything.

So do your best and stay on top of your shit.

Have a plan and execute it consistently.

But don't let it ruin your day when something is in flux.

Sit with it.

Be comfortable with it.

And know that in the coming days it will be replaced by the next thing that has you stressed and worried.

This too shall pass.

Focus & Fortitude


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