I Wasn't Prepared For This

This year has taught me that I need to be more prepared.

I need to be stronger.

I need to be more capable.

Physically and mentally.

I need to be tougher.

I cannot rely on anyone.


It is up to each of us to take care of us...

so that naturally the collective is strong.

Adjust your expectations of who is going to be there when the shit hits the fan...

and prepare accordingly.

Build yourself into someone who can handle it.

All of it.

Without complaint.

It’s become more than obvious that we lack strength of mind and body within our society.

The tendency when it’s tough is that we all need to soften and be more empathetic

and give to each other.

The challenge is that we inevitably reach a point that everyone is so soft they have nothing to give...then what?

We all need to harden the fuck up individually so that we can become the foundation necessary to support society.

I have to be okay before I can help you be okay.

We have it backwards...the answer is not to soften...it’s to harden.

Get right within...for you...and for us.

Focus + Fortitude


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