Life is Relentless...Are You?

Life is Relentless.

Are you?


Life does not give a shit what you WANT it to be.

Life is not going to GIVE you anything.

Life is going to provide what you EARN.

You must MATCH its relentless nature.


The World is consistent - sun up, sun down - again and again and again.


We must be that way.


Everyday we start over and do ALL of the shit we need to do today.

We just got done working through it all yesterday.

Here it is again…forcing you to make a CHOICE.

Do it again…or not.


It does not matter what I did yesterday.

Or how many days I’ve done it in a row.

I must do it today.


Today is another day to figure it out.

Today is another chance to get it done.

Today is another day to be relentless.

The relentless win.


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