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Look How Perfect I Am

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

I don’t know how my messages land with you on most days…

...but my intention is for it to be helpful.

I know it can feel blunt or mean... an unwelcome punch in the mouth.

I promise that’s on purpose.

Collectively, we need more resolve.

Some of you have most likely uttered: “who does he think he is?”

...or wondered why I think I’m so damn perfect that I can tell you what to do.

My efforts are not coming from that place.

In fact, I’m far from perfect.

I’m as flawed a human being as anyone.

Maybe more so.

We are all human.

We all struggle.

We all sin.

We all need to be better.

My imperfect efforts to get better and to be better are precisely the reason that I put out the messages in the first place.

Every word you read is written to me first...

I write to work through my own troubled brain.

I fight with my own bitch voice.

I force myself to face myself every day.

I don’t let myself off the hook.

I don’t take my own shit.

I expect more from myself.

...and I share the words with you because I want you to be better too.

I don’t choose to say it all out loud because I want you to like me…

...I do it because I want to challenge you to be better.

I want us all to be better.

For each other.

I decided years ago that I won’t shrink my expectations of myself or the life that I want to create, and the impact that I want to have, simply because it might make someone uncomfortable.

We could all use some added discomfort…

...the kind of challenges that we lean into and utilize for the answers, the lessons and the solutions that we so desperately need.

Let’s be tougher this week than we were last.

Let’s take another step forward.

Focus + Fortitude


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