Nobody Likes a Salesman

We are all in sales in some way or another.

We sell veggies to our kid at the dinner table.

We sell the students in our classrooms.

We sell our spouse on the idea that isn't theirs.

We sell ourselves and our wares everyday.

Our business is not to simply take orders and count sales.

Your job is not to simply tell me what I need.

Or what's on sale.

It's not about winning this transaction.

Our job is to roll up our sleeves and help our customers

(or children, or students, or spouse) to figure out how to grow WITH us.


We are in the business of adding value

...not in the business of taking credit.

When we bring value with us then they are happy to see us.

When we provide solutions then they answer our calls.

When we are helpful they are receptive.


People can’t stand sales people because they are no where to be found when it’s time to work on the challenge...but you are sure to find them when it’s time to take the credit and cash the check.

Don’t be one of them.

Be someone who helps and you'll never have to be someone who sells.

Focus & Fortitude


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