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Out of Control

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

A month ago it was all taken away from you,

you no longer control many things that you took for granted.

How does it feel?

Are you anxious?

Laid back?

Probably both.

Depending on how many glasses of wine you’ve had.

It’s an interesting dichotomy.

It’s not obvious,

but we have a choice to make.

We always do.

Panic or Calm.

Fear or Boldness.

Sensitive or Resilient.

It was natural to be uneasy as we moved into the unknown.

What’s happening?

What’s the new normal?

How’s it going to shake out?

Now we’ve settled into a temporary new reality.

For some, the panic and fear grows daily.

While others are learning to operate safely and keep calm.

I’ve witnessed both ends of the spectrum,

the gap widens with each passing day.


Here’s what I’ve observed…

Keep in mind that the events are happening to everyone,

so the difference is perspective and mindset.

Choice 1:

Watch everything fall apart.

Watch the news and eat the hype.

Panic about what’s happening.

Worry about what’s going to happen.

Freak out and spread the fear.

Repeat daily.

Choice 2:

Observe the events unfold daily.

Assess the changes.

Accept the reality.




You have a choice.

Honestly, I'm more worried about this choice and the people who choose wrong and their impact on our society than I am the virus, the President, or the Russians.


The reason I’m writing this piece is because my wife and I were just having a conversation about how we feel more at peace and more relaxed about life in general right now.

It’s weird.

It’s strange because my business is in danger and my livelihood at stake.

The future is uncertain and there are real health concerns out there.

Sidenote: there are always real health concerns out there and it will be interesting to see how this one stacks up when the smoke clears and the panic has lifted. I have a feeling that hindsight is going to be a real motherfucker on this one…but we’ll write about that later...maybe. _______________

I’ve never been in this position before.

But I’m calm.


I think it’s because of the work I’ve done between my ears for the last handful of years. It’s easy to talk mindset and ‘focus and fortitude’ when it’s smooth sailing.

This is not smooth sailing.

Focus and Fortitude.

Sounds good.

Not easy.

Each day I do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure this whole situation is going to be annoying but not devastating for my family and the people who count on me.

I’ve adjusted the way I operate so that we stay safe.

I work everyday to support as many people as I can.

I’m here for people that count on me.

I let the rest go.

I take advantage of a slower pace and hurry home to my family.

I’m present when I’m building Lego sets with my son.

I’m content laying on the floor watching my baby girl learn to stand and move about.

If it’s not in front of me.

I let it be.

I realize that I can only do what I can do.

There is no sense in freaking out.

I will not overwhelm myself with shit I can’t control.

Tomorrow, next week, May or June.

They don’t fucking matter if I don’t handle myself today.

Let’s be clear.

I don’t suggest that I’m doing everything right.

My purpose here is not to provide you with a blueprint for handling an unprecedented worldwide pandemic. Let’s be real…I sell fucking paint for a living.

My point here is that there are lessons to be learned.

There are things to do.

Some of us will grow.

Others will fail and quit.

It’s determined by your reaction.

Not by the events at hand.

Pull your head out of the panic.

There are always choices.

There are always lessons.

Remember this now.

More importantly, remember this later.

When this is all over and we get back in gear.

Remember the lessons you are learning today.

Be safe.

Be well.

Focus & Fortitude.


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