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the faith to overcome

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

When the resistance comes our brain screams abandon ship.

Our brain is designed to protect us from everything, even ourselves.

We work hard to create momentum that allows us to feel good and accomplished.

Then we hit turbulence and our brain goes...'fuck it, this was stupid, what was I thinking?'

We forget why we started in the first place.

We want to punt our plans and goals and run for safety and comfort.

When it feels like it's all coming down on us we must realize that the challenge is here to test us, our plans, and our resolve.

Are we serious?

Or full of shit?

Do we really want it?

Are we willing to stick it out?

Will we earn it?

Challenge proves if we're serious, shows us where we are lacking, what needs our attention, and how we can improve.

Allowing us to be grateful in pursuit and progress.

If we take the space to see these challenges with proper perspective we can benefit by overcoming them.

A victim mindset turns everything into an excuse, a reason to quit.

A grateful mindset turns everything into an opportunity, a reason to grow.

It serves us to understand that challenges are God's way us steering us towards the person we were meant to be.

Keep going.


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