Preventing Death

Photo by Ludvig Hedenborg from Pexels

The question is do I prevent my death.

We’re wired for that.

The question is how do I live while I’m here?

How do I live with more urgency and intention?

How do I stop with the bullshit that exists in my life?

How do I make sure my loved ones get the most of me?

How do I make sure I’m not wasting time that I’ll never get back?

How do I show up for the ones that count on me?

What am I doing?

What am I building?

How am I connecting?

The answer to how will I prevent death and prolong life is something we ultimately can’t control.

You are going to die...and how you do so isn’t up to you.

But you are alive right now...and how you do THAT is completely under your control.

What if we just focused on answering the rest of those questions and left the ultimate question up to God?

Control what you can.

Let go of the rest.

Live now.



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