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The Most Important Relationship in Your Life

Consider the relationships you have in your life.

Consider all of the people who count on you and trust you.

You show up for work on time and do what you need to do.

You show up for your friend and help them move.

You show up for your children’s events and games.

You show up for date night with your spouse.

We all have relationships that we consistently show up for and we consistently do the things we need to do to create trust and confidence with these people.

If you were inconsistent for any of these people then they would lose trust in you and have no confidence in you...and the relationship would suffer.

Now think about the relationship you have with yourself.

How often do you tell yourself you WILL do something…and you don’t?

How often do you tell yourself you WON’T do something…and you do?

When are you going to stop negotiating with yourself?

The conversations are easy when we are planning what we’ll do tomorrow but the real conversations take place at the point of action.

This is where self-confidence lives.

You cannot bullshit yourself.

We can’t say one thing while acting another and expect the be happy and confident.

You must consistently show up for yourself.

If you do…you will find the confidence you seek.

If you don’t…you will never be happy with yourself.

What's next in your most important relationship?



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