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Society is a Sum


It's math.

Want to change C?

Then you must effectively change A or B.

C cannot be changed otherwise.

In math we know that we can't change the solution without effectively changing the parts of the equation that equal the sum.

So why do we assume that we can do so with the problems in our lives?

Why do we assume that we jump right to a new solution?

Focusing on the result never changes the result for good.

The change happens on the other side of the equation.

The parts must change first.

We don’t fix anything from the top down.

We don’t regulate success into any of our endeavors.

We don’t find a one sized fits all solution to any problem.

We don’t stand in the street with a sign for a week and change it all and stealing Nike’s is clearly not a solution.

We don’t change our online profile picture or participate in some low hanging fruit and let ourselves off the hook as having actually done something effective or helpful.

We don’t spend a week joining the crowd only to move on to the next outrage when this one gets stale.

The same reason that we can’t find success in our own lives is why we struggle to find success as a whole.

We forget that it’s a sum game.

We yell about the results without ever changing the inputs.

And we are the inputs in the sum of society.

You don’t wake up tomorrow and decide to drop 50 pounds.

You work on yourself daily and with time you change.

It happens after you've changed.

You don’t get to decide you want $100,000 in your bank account.

You do the work necessary to create it.

It happens after you've changed.

Nothing is quick and easy.

Nothing is built or fixed that way.

If we never actually change the parts then the solution remains the same.


Which is why so many of the problems faced by our society continue to perpetuate themselves for so long...seemingly forever in some cases.

We are focused in the wrong places.

We make decisions with bad information.

We never change ourselves or our perspectives.


Everything accomplished is done like this....

How is it really?

How should it be?

What needs to happen?

How do we do it?

Do it.




You don’t have to worry about if I’m doing it too…you just fucking do it.

YOU do it.

I appreciate that everyone needs to process and handle the weight of everything going on in this country and around the world in their own way.

(2020 has not been for the faint of heart)

But I hope we remember that the real change is made in our everyday life when the cameras are off and it’s no longer about joining the crowd and going with the flow.

Real change and real success in EVERYTHING we ever want happens with each of us everyday.

If I operate the way I must to achieve what I wish then I change the result.

By changing my results I build the credibility to impact those around me.

By impacting those around me I change the sum of my circle for the better.

This ripples outward until the sum of the whole is ‘magically’ in a new place.

Your character and example are contagious for good or for bad.

Neutral is not an option.

So realize that whatever you choose to do and however you choose to approach any of the challenges we face as individuals or will ripple.

You influence for the good or bad.

It results in the perpetuation of the hope or fear around you.

Remember, going with the flow and joining the crowd this week is not going to get you enough traction to make a real difference in anything. EVER.

You have to actually do real work for a real long time.

So do you want to look like you give a shit?

Or do you want to actually give a shit?

Make a choice on how you want to LIVE.

And live that way.

You don't owe anymore than that.

If we ALL choose to live the right way then the resulting sum will take care of itself.

Bottom up, not top down.

Focus & Fortitude.


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