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Solve All of Your Problems

If you want to solve your problems.

Think like a business.

Not a politician.

Solution oriented businesses thrive.

Victim oriented businesses fail.

Your life is no different.

This requires you to OWN your results.

A business knows that how they FEEL about a situation is irrelevant.

Feelings and emotions won’t be part of the solution.

They understand that the situation won’t be what they want it to be and nobody owes them a solution, they OWN that responsibility.

They must figure it out.

Most times the real solution opposes the emotional response.

Often times our failures stem from our lack of attention and resources.

So in fact, we need more support, not less.

We must not let our ego prevent us from finding the best way forward.

The process of operating business creates critically thinking problem solvers.

This skillset can be pointed at all your problems.

Politicians have spent a life playing politics.

Businesses have spent a life solving problems.

Politicians use emotional reactions for leverage.

Businesses remove emotional reactions for progress.

Politicians need people for votes.

Businesses need people for growth.

Consider your own thought processes.

Do you expect solutions to be provided?

Do you believe we can find a one-sized fits all?

Are you operating in reality or hoping for ideally?

Unlock your abilities to own your problems,

remove the emotions,

operate in reality,

and take action towards the solutions.

At the end of the day remember that we must seek solutions that create help and hope for all of us. Is your favorite politician doing the same?

Focus & Fortitude


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