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Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Sovereignty is something that has come into focus for me over the past year.

For most of us we grow up thinking about success in terms of money.

Our ability to make ends meet and impact our lives is the foundation of how we perceive ourselves as successful or not.

But money is polarizing and unfulfilling when it's the definition of our success.

It's shallow and it's not the answer we're looking for.

So then how do we define success?

When will we feel fulfilled?

To me this is where the concept of sovereignty comes in.

Sovereignty: Complete Independence.

It's all encompassing.

Can I take care of myself and the ones who count on me?

In any situation?

Or have I given up the power that I have to control the outcomes in my life?

If we can understand what this means then we can determine where we are lacking.

What areas of life does someone or something have leverage over me?

What am I willing to accept?

What will I do about it?

What's limiting me from living the life I want?

It's my mindset and my skillset.


If you're interested in digging deeper into the concept of becoming sovereign then I recommend a book by Ryan Michler....

Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men.

Ryan is the founder of the Order of Man movement and podcast. He's on a mission to empower men to step into their roles as the masculine leaders that are so crucial at the core of our families and communities.

If you're looking to read more books in 2021 that help you level up then this is a fine place to start.

Excerpts from my reading:

Sovereignty is about positioning yourself in a way that equips you with the mindset and skillset required to protect, provide, and preside - your true calling as a man.

The less we try to eliminate our emotions and the more we start to decipher and decode what it is they’re trying to tell us, the more likely we are to be driven toward action that serves us and others.

How much better would your life be if you had the balls to do what you know you should be doing? How much better off would your family be? How much stronger would the community in which you live be? How much more profitable would your business be?


Welcome to a new year!

We hope you enjoy the impressive transformation to the website. My friend Stacey Leonard has been kind enough to help bring out a new vision for the Calibrated Mindset brand.

We look forward to rolling out additional resources for our community beyond my regular blogs.

Stayed tuned and thank you for being here.



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