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Stop Quitting

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Many people will look back on their lives and see a series of half run marathons.

Half run races that we quit on for a number of reasons and excuses.

We've been sold this idea that we're supposed to find our passion and love what we do everyday.

This is bullshit.

Can't happen.

Won't happen.

Life is a cycle of ups and downs.

Once we change our expectations we can go about changing our minds.

The truth is that even if you are working on your passion...'s still work.

Work is inherently difficult.

Some days it's all

Other days it sucks.

It's not personal and it's nothing to be upset about.

It just is.

So next time you're frustrated about what you're working on right now I would encourage you to reconsider your perspective.

If the work you do today is not fulfilling, or it's not paying you well enough...

...or you just don't want to do it anymore...then make a commitment to change it.

But don't QUIT!

Too many people just quit and start something else.

So they bring their shitty perspective and their shitty work ethic to the next thing.

It's not long before that sucks too.

The sooner you realize that YOU are the common denominator in your own life the better.

I challenge you to put your head down and focus on working your face off at whatever it is that you are doing RIGHT NOW.

Work so hard and do it so well that a NEW OPPORTUNITY is created.

Then you can move on.

Then you can climb up.

Opportunities won't arrive if you spend all of your time being half-assed while bitching and moaning until you quit.

Head down, work hard, shift gears.

You don’t have to like “it”.

But you do have to stick it out long enough for the next opportunity to arrive.

Focus & Fortitude


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