The Boardroom of Your Life

In the boardroom of your life there sits a group of people that you allow to have influence over the decisions that you make.

This is necessary.

We all need support.

This is dangerous.

We all need the right support.

Right or wrong most of us default to friends and family to fill these seats.

We do not vet the credibility of advice they give.

We simply love the people who provide it.

The danger is that loved ones carry an emotional attachment to what we are doing.

The danger happens when they apply their limitations to what they believe we should or could be doing.

Take a look at the people at your table.

Have they done the things you want to do?

Are they doing the things you want to do?

Are they successful in the areas that are important to you?

Look at the results in their life.

If they are involved in making your decisions...these will become your results.

Do you like what you see?

Is that what you want?



This is not to say that we don’t love them and value them.

Loving people and seeking their advice can be independent of each other.

We must create boundaries in our relationships.

We must understand that everyone in our circle plays a role.

Just because they fill a positive role in one aspect of our life...

it does not mean they fill a positive roll in another.

Heed the advice of those you love.

Be careful with your circle.



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