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The Strategy You Must Install NOW

Everyone wants the strategy on how to get there.

We buy the diet plan for the 6-pack abs routine.

We go to the business seminar to learn how to get rich.

We read the book on how to be the best Dad in the World.

We ask people who have done it for the road map.

We want the clear cut strategy and we’re willing to pay for dollars.

But we’re always disappointed to find out the the real ingredient to all of it is the work and the fortitude to see it through.

Strategy is unique.

We will all find a way, if we choose.

Strategy is not the issue.

There are a million ways to the same results.

The real issue is focus, determination and fortitude.

The secret ingredient is Mindset.

Mindset is what allows you to constantly calibrate yourself in the reality necessary to make the adjustments and take the actions that get you the results you want.

We don’t like that answer.

The mindset and the growth and the self-actualization

far outweigh the importance of the strategy.

So make a decision on what you want.

Put your head down and get to work.

The strategy will unfold.

Make adjustments.


Focus & Fortitude


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