The Sum of our society

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We have to stop trying to solve the problems from the top down.

We can’t eat the whole damn cake ourselves, it’s why we bring friends to the party.

So fix it with yourself first.

Eat your piece.

And then share.

Together we make a collective impact.

Regulation and policy doesn’t solve anything.

We do.

You don’t regulate behavior.

We instill character, work ethic and grit...

...and all the other values it takes to be successful.

At anything.

Then we give people the space they need to thrive and survive...

...or not.

It’s not up to the collective to support the individual...

because I cannot make you succeed.

It’s up to the individuals to make up the collective.

Society is not the problem.

Society is a sum.

Which means we can’t fix it without first fixing ourselves.

So instead of starting out there...

start in here.

Take care of you.

Take care of your family.

Take care of the ones that count on you everyday.

If each of us is focused there...then society takes care of itself.



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