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Team USA

We’re so conditioned to sit and watch.

We watch our teams play their games.

We watch our idols sing their songs.

We live vicariously through others.

We outsource our achievements.

We feel good when our team wins and bad when they lose.

We are FANS who have forgotten how to play the game ourselves.

This is glaring when we observe the current state of this beautiful country.

We have outsourced our solutions.

We expect someone else to take care of it.

We are entitled to not worrying about it.

Most of us watch it unfold on TV, but we don't participate.

We simply do what we're told and we hope it all works out.

Fingers crossed like we are watching the Super Bowl.


When bitching about the problems in society,

we forget that society is the sum of us.

Let me remind you of something.

America is not the team you fucking cheer for,

and it most certainly should not be the team you cheer against.


American is not the Flag in the yard.

It’s not a hot dog on the 4th of July.

It’s the last hope for Liberty and Freedom on Earth.

The scrappy kid who always stands up to the bully on the playground.

An example for doing your best.

A chance to make the choice and live with the consequence.

We haven’t always done it right.

But we’ve always learned.

We’ve always grown.

We strive to improve.

At least we used to.

We don’t need to join the military

or take office to do our part.

Even if you never serve in the military,

it’s still up to you live a life that honors those who have.

We have to show up everyday.

We have to work hard.

We have to think for ourselves.

We have to take ownership for our situations.

We have to remember what it means to live here.


Somehow we’ve lost the sense of honor and

purpose that comes with being an American.

Our heritage and our pride have come under attack

in our politically correct, outrage society.

We are letting a few in control dictate that narrative.

They are telling us who we are.

It's scaring us.

It's dividing us.

It's controlling us.

You are not the sub-set of America that they classify you as.

You are an AMERICAN.

Act like one.

We have stopped teaching real history,

so we’re slowly losing our way.

We forgot who we are and why it matters.

We are soft.

We are too comfortable.

We think it doesn’t matter.

Living in the United States of America and

enjoying the lifestyle that we take for granted

requires our participation in perpetuating it’s greatness.

Most people are accepting everything that’s happening to us right now.

Let’s not forget we have a voice and a choice

in how we react and whether or not we participate.

Like everything else in our life,

our choices will have consequences.

Freedom and Liberty is only available to those who choose to live free.

We are not just observers of the game.

Stop rooting for or against the issues without understanding that


You are either working to improve our country,

or you are bringing us down.

Neutral is not one of the choices.

I hope you say no thanks to watching from the sidelines with your hand out.

I hope you choose to work hard and be a positive influence.

I hope you choose to get in the game.


Freedom & Liberty

Focus & Fortitude


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