Waiting for the Answer

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

We are conditioned to believe that everything has an answer.

We have a question and we get an answer.

This becomes the way we operate our entire lives.

And it’s handicapping most of you.

You must believe that YOU provide the solutions.

You must stop waiting for permission.

The singular answer to your problem is not coming.

Because it doesn't exist.

It doesn't exists because you have options and free will.

There are plenty of ways forward.

You just have to go.

The government does not have the answer.

Your boss does not have the answer.

Your mom does not have the answer.

That one thing won't fix it.

It’s the process.

It’s the work.

It's the action.

Ask yourself the questions that get to the root of this particular situation.

Use the feedback from this conversation.

Understand that there is more than one answer.

Remove the emotions from your decisions.

The choice you make is only half of the equation.

The success of the choice is determined by the effort, not the choice.

Too many people are waiting for someone to give them the answer.

And that creates 90% of your disappointment.

Get to work on your own situation.

Because nobody else is going to do it for you.

Focus & Fortitude.


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