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focused on you

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

You have to consistently make decisions that have your best interest in mind.

This doesn’t mean short term satisfaction.

It doesn’t mean selfish and inconsiderate.

If you don’t do what’s good for you then you’ll never be able to do what’s good for them.

You must be good to yourself because your entire life grows out from within.

Our world is the mirror that reflects our intentions and actions.

Our current lifestyles operate at an overwhelming pace.

We are wired for small, helpful, and caring communities.

We exist in large, selfish, and cold societies.

We can't change what's out there.

So how do we change what's in here?

How do we adjust our gaze?

Can we create boundaries and focus in our own heads that allows us the clarity we need to find our purpose and calm?

Can we intentionally live to support the people around us instead of carrying around the problems of the world?

Would it feel like we had more purpose?

Like we could actually impact some real change?

Would the energy we carry improve?

Would the people around us improve?

Would the activities we participate in improve?

You improve when your focus does.

Your life improves when you do.


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